The concept

You manage a team of 12 players (7F, 3D, 2G) and you have 50M of cap room to play with. Once the hockey season starts, your team accumulates fantasy points based on real life performance of the players on your roster. But the value - or price - of a player is dynamic and will change daily based on how often a player is added (bought) and dropped (sold) within Dobbernomics fantasy leagues.

Using the buy low/sell high strategy, you can increase the total value of your team, therefore giving you the chance to acquire better players and hence increase your total fantasy points.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dobbernomics free?

Absolutely. There is no charge whatsoever to play in Dobbernomics leagues.

2. How many adds/drops can I make?

Every team is allowed to make up to 5 transactions per week.

Every Thursday morning (EST), you will receive a fresh batch of 5 new transactions; in other words, each team can make up to 5 players per week. A transaction is defined as the combination of one player drop and one player add.

If you do not use up all your 5 transactions in a week, the remaining unused transactions get carried over to the next week.
For example, if you use 3 of the 5 allowable transactions in week 1, on week 2 you will have an allowance of 5 + 2 = 7 transactions.

3. What statistics are taken into account?

Goals 2.5
Assists 2.5
+/- 1.0
Penalty Minutes 0.3
Shots on Goal 0.2
Hits 0.2
Blocks 0.2
Powerplay Goals 1.0
Shorthanded Goals 2.0
Overtime Goals 0.5

Win 5.0
Losses 0.0
Overtime Losses 2.5
Goals Against -1.5
Saves 0.2
Goals 2.5
Assists 2.5
Penalty Minutes 0.3

4. How often do player values change?

Player value can potentially change every night.

5. Why do player values change?

In a supply and demand driven market, a player's value generally increases the more this player is added by teams registered in Dobbernomics leagues. If a player is added more than he's dropped, his value may increase. If a player is dropped more than he's added, his value may drop.

6. I have other questions. How can I get answers?

Contact us through one of our support channels and we'll do our best to answer your questions. Rest assured that we'll be adding to this FAQ as best we can.